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New Standards : New Stories

002  : Architectural Association

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Queerness questions standardisation, yet in architecture schools, standardisation continues to constrain queerness. So, to learn from the storytelling practice at the heart of queer record-keeping, we say instead of New Standards, let’s listen to New Stories.


In the fifth event of the New Standards series, Queer Aided Design will host a workshop. Exploring shared and plural sensibilities, this workshop will centre the exchange of personal stories of queer spaces and space making within and outside of architecture schools. Through sharing these stories, the hope is to create a space of support and solidarity; one that will challenge architectural education and its standards. Through the connection of students, space makers, architects, academics and assorted friends in this space, the workshop seeks to strengthen the networks of support for queer architecture students.


Queer Aided Design invites you, your stories, your subversion, your power, your joy, your questions and your friends to join them for this collection, conversation and catharsis.

24th of November 

REGNER RAMOS (he/him) is tenured Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico. He researches the LGBTQ+ community in Puerto Rico, searching for ways to include queer spaces into the landscape of contemporary Puerto Rican architectural discourse. Ramos’s art-based research practice unfolds through a variety of methods: performative writing, storytelling, drawings, video/film, and making. His two-year research project “Cüirtopia” was funded by the FIPI Award (2020-2022), and his first book, co-edited with Sharif Mowlabocus is called Queer Sites in Global Contexts (Routledge 2020).

LO MARSHALL (they/them) is a Senior Research Fellow and Tutor at the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL, where their research and teaching focuses upon LGBTQI+ people, communities, and spaces. Beyond academia, Lo was named an ‘emerging voice in architecture’ as part the London Festival of Architecture in 2020 and has contributed to exhibitions on nightlife at Whitechapel Gallery (2019) and The Design Museum (2020-21).

ADAM NATHANIEL FURMAN (they/them) is a British artist & designer of Argentine & Japanese heritage based in London. Trained in architecture, Adam's atelier works in spatial design and art of all scales from video and prints to large public artworks, architecturally integrated ornament, as well as products, furniture, interiors, publishing and academia

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