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a mapping project that reimagines how we register, represent, and document queer spaces in the Caribbean. As an interactive map where a digital avatar called "Konpa" interviews users to ask them what they know, it is the only architectural and urban register of LGBTQ+ spaces in Puerto Rico.

a transversal practice that looks to the intersection of architecture, art and activism to explore the power and potentials of architecture beyond architecture alone. It has has an ironic, ultra-referential, queer, cute, joyous and playful approach to things.

an art- design & architecture group initiated in 2012 by the designers, architects and artists Mariana Alves Silva, Katarina Bonnevier, Ph.D., and Thérèse Kristiansson.

a research project by UCL exploring how urban night spaces have been imagined, produced, experienced and narrated by LGBTQ+ migrants in London.

Queer Archive Work 

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit library, publishing studio, and residency serving Providence, Rhode Island and beyond.

is a community where LGBTQ+ designers can celebrate queer contributions to the design industry and visual culture, share their work, and connect with each other.

an effort to create a living archive of queer lives, selfhoods, experiences, and memories at MIT. The Lab questions the very format of an archive, reimagining its content and structure by highlighting the historical invisibility of queerness.

is a community-based online collaborative and counter-mapping platform on which users submit their personal queer experiences to specific locations on a single collective map.

is a platform for the sharing, exploration, & celebration of colour in Architecture, Design and Urbanism. The platform was started at the Architectural Association by Antoni Malinowski and Adam Nathaniel-Furman.

a queer an architecture and urbanism office, who also writes, talks and walks based in Oslo. They are teaching at AHO - institute of urbanism and landscape.

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