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Pier For Queers
On Domestic Hospitality, Performativity, and Theatricality for New York's LGBTQ+ Community.

Bryan Ho


Despite contemporary progress made to attain equal rights, LGBTQ+ youth face a dire homeless problem in New York City, often as a result of rejection from family members. Difficulties in searching for housing for these vulnerable individuals are compounded by the city's highly speculative housing market. The single family home, for many, represent a heteronormative domain that served to maintain the nuclear family as the ideal, repressing those who fail to conform.

The project thus proposes a set of affordable housing blocks sited on Christopher Street Pier on the Lower West Side of Manhattan that will cater for the imminent housing crisis faced by young LGBTQ+ individuals. Affordability need not equate the loss of individual subjectivity. The architecture of the housing blocks, together with the staging of the pier, seek to invoke the theatricality of queer culture that enable the community to better engage in practices of care.

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